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Objective View of Things

Having an objective view of something means to see the truth as it is, without being clouded by prejudices and emotional fallacies. But truly, can a person live while having objective views? To be objective might mean to not change anything, to be of no consequence. Only then can you see and think in terms of absolute truth. Otherwise, always there would be some kind of prejudice layered on your thoughts because we would be forced to think in terms of the outcomes and results and our past feelings and limited experiences.

Let us consider you are a single person. You are in no immediate contact with anyone else and of no consequence to anyone else. Then your view is the absolute in regards to a particular object. The object exists because you acknowledge its existence. Now your view is objective. Your subjective view becomes objective here since it’s the absolute. There are no other views available. Now if you have someone to whom you are of consequence and someone who is of consequence to you, your view might remain the same but now there’s an additional view to which you are empathetic. Now, there are two subjective views.  Through empathy both of you can decide upon a view as the absolute and both of you can enter the objective state of view. Now, there were two subjective views that let’s say, differed. One of them had to be let go to reach a state of objectivity. One person had to let go or the person saw the truth and had to alter their previous state of principles and beliefs since the person saw that the truth was different from what the person had initially believed. There had to be a compensation in one wing or the other to reach the compromised truth. This is the common truth. The truth is, when multiple parties are involved, the result reached, the belief held that spreads across most of the common denominating factor.

In our existence we run across a vast number of people, each with a subjective view of their own. It is impossible to live objectively or have a view that’s devoid of the subjective for a human being because if a human were to live entirely objective that would be akin to not existing hence, impossible. Truth is simply a conglomeration of different subjective views, where one or the other had to let go of their subjective view to reach a common ground, also know as the objective view, the truth. For two sects that hold different views, the truth might be entirely different, but each would hold their ground and have a strong base to say that this is indeed the truth, showcasing their beliefs because of the number of people that acknowledge it. Hence for a person living a disrupted life, devoid of contact nothing is the truth and everything is the truth. The views the singular person holds could be the absolute, but this isn’t ideal as such a living structure is hard to reach from the current structure which we are thrown into upon birth and, in which most continue to live in for their entire lives being blithely unaware nor having  a single thought on why things are the way they are. Also, since it’s a single person’s view, the absolute here is easy to change because the number acknowledging the said truth is minimal or one. This throwness, as Heidegger puts it, where we are thrown into a world and into circumstances that we have no control over makes it impossible for us to conceive new world views, since our perception and our thought process has been considerable narrowed to fit with the current proceedings.

To be entirely liberated and have the widest and have the most open of views is impossible because of the data we inherit. The first thing we see, hear or feel will ingrain itself into our brains and the emotions associated with it would change our perception of every single thing we see afterward. We think in terms of things we have learnt before, anything and everything. Learning or feeling a single thing can permanently alter our being and our perception. The most we can do is to explain and associate our feelings with the metaphysical world and control them.

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