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The War Games

War is stupid. There I said it. Army is made up of idiots or psychopaths. Honestly, think about it. Imagine if a scrawny gaunt person with thinning silver hair sits in his basement all day with an overhanging light in his dank basement thinking of how to kill people, you’d label him a psychopath and call the cops on the person immediately. However, when the government you elect pays people to do it in designated, centralized air-conditioned buildings with canteens and discount shops and give them medals and bestows honors, we applaud their effort, salute them and celebrate them.

War is like a sport with less rules. During war, the world is like a giant Roman Colloseum where people hack each other to their deaths. Each side trains their teams, they practice their stuff and plan out their attack strategy. It’s like a hardcore football game with weapons instead of balls. Like seriously, isn’t that sick? You can call it “defense training” or what not but basically it’s training to kill people. You train all day to kill people effectively and all those high ranking officers think about nothing but killing people. Sick.

Why can’t we just host a battle Olympics or something? Like the runners muscle it out in the field and throw short-put balls or swing javelins, the loser team relinquishes control of the territory or the resource or pays the winner on an annual agreement.

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