Phoney Detector and Analyzer.

Do you ever see someone or something for the first time and immediately hate it?

There’s an interesting concept proposed in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance : it says something along the lines that we might not live in reality (my inference). Our perception might be so slow that what we are currently seeing might already have been done and over. Yes of course everything is simultaneous from where we see. But what if our brain compensates as it does in a lot of places and show us only those things we want to see. The book says the duration between when we sense things and when our brain interprets is called Quality.

Now, we’ve two modes in our brain. The auto-pilot (possibly, referred to as Quality before) that draws conclusions from the plethora of experiences we’ve had before. An example of this is fire is hot, should get away. Auto-pilot only works for the current instant as it has to process such a large amount of data. The next is logical decision making. This is usually concerned with the future. Here, we consciously weigh odds and decide. The brain’s inhibiton center (the part of the brain that decides how we behave when we’re outside or when we’re alone, social behavior and such) kicks in during this mode. At any given instant we’re functioning in both the modes. The first mode acts within a second of our perception and the second mode functions after that.

I’ve noticed that whenever I hate something like that it’s because they are “phoney”. They lack Quality and it’s detected even before I’ve actually established contact.

Your brain is the world’s most powerful computer, programmed by you? No no it was programmed by anyone but you. It was programmed by everyone around you but not you. Your autocomputer brain part doesn’t take your choices at all. It takes the choices that were made for you when you were young and the choices you made when you were young. It’s got a coupla years of catching up to do. This’s where mental trauma resides.

So finally am I saying go with your gut or put conscious thought into everything? No, these modes are not mutually-exclusive. Though, I’d suggest you put a scale on things and send it over to your autopilot brain that it has to act 80% of the time, maybe the message’d be recieved in two or three years. The autopilot brain is more fun!

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One thought on “Phoney Detector and Analyzer.

  1. […] first image that pops into my mind. It’s my unconsciousness part of my mind kicking in, the auto-pilot. I, consciously do not have opinions that lie anywhere close to what my mind projects on first […]

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